An atelier is "a space rich in materials, tools, and people with professional competencies... a place for child's research".-Malaguzzi


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide authentic learning experiences in a context that is interesting to the children. We aim to deepen the children’s curiosity by providing them the opportunity to find answers on their own and wondering with them. Every member of our community feels a sense of belonging and demonstrates respect for one other and our environment. The teachers work with the children to continually enhance essential skills such as focus, perspective taking, negotiation, effective communication, establishing connections, problem solving, risk taking, and self-directed engaged learning. All of this is conducted with the image of the child as a capable, intelligent, powerful human being.

Our philosophy

is based on the works of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Burnner, and Loris Malaguzzi, among others. It recognizes the importance of community support and parental involvement.

Teachers have various roles, which differ from typical American preschools, they are primarily learners, co-researchers, observers, documenters, and relationship builders.

The environment is also a teacher. The center is set up in a way that it informs and engages the children.

Long-term projects will take place, based on the interests of the children, which will ensure deeper understandings. Children will be encouraged to come up with hypotheses, test them, and create new theories based on the outcomes. Exploration and discoveries will take place regularly.

The children will be encouraged to use a variety of languages to express their ideas: drawing, sculpting, painting, constructing, representing, dramatic playing, moving, music playing, and many others.

They will also learn to work productively in groups,both large and small, as they construct knowledge. They will begin to think in new and different ways.